How to Enable Google Login by Creating Google Client ID?

Steps To Enable Google Login

  1. Navigate to Google API Console section and login to your Google account if required.
  2. If this is your first app, you will require to “Create a project” and also may require to accept Terms and Conditions. If you do not see this page, move to step 3.
  3. Google Login - Create New Google API Project
    Google Login - App Terms and Service
  4. If you have created apps before, you will be able to see the list of projects. You can also create a new project by clicking “CREATE PROJECT” at the top.
    Click on the project name for which you want to create app. Google Login - Google API Project
  5. Navigate to APIs and Services > Dashboard page from the menu at top-left corner.Google Login - API ManagerGoogle Login - Google APIs
  6. Click ENABLE APIS AND SERVICES. Then click Google+ API on the next page.Google Login - Enable APIGoogle Login - GooglePlus API
  7. Click ENABLE. If it is already enabled, move to next step.Google Login - Enable GooglePlus API
  8. Navigate to APIs and Services >Credentials section from the menu in top-left cornerGoogle Login - Credentials
  9. Navigate to OAuthconsent screen sectionGoogle Login - OAuth Consent Screen
  10. Select email in Email address option and enter your product/website name in Product name option (these are mandatory to specify). Optionally, you can fill other details. Save the details. These details will be shown when user logs in first time at your website using GooglePlusGoogle Login - Google App Consent Screen
  11. Click OAuth client ID after clicking Create credentials button Google Login - Create New GooglePlus Client ID
  12. Fill the fields as described belowGoogle Login - Create GooglePlus Client ID
    • Application type: Select Web application
    • Name: Specify the name of your app (You can enter whatever name you like, but it’s recommended to enter your website or company name in this field)
    • Authorized JavaScript origins: Leave empty
    • Authorized redirect URIs: Open your website homepage (at which you have installed the plugin) in browser, click the address bar so that website url gets highlighted, copy this url and paste it in this option. Please make sure that this url includes http:// or https:// (for example: http://mywebsite.com/?kuUsersSocialAuth=google or http://mywebsite.com/?kuUsersSocialAuth=google)
    • Click Create button
  13. Copy Client ID and Client Secret and paste these in the Google+ Client ID and Google+ Client Secret options of your plugin, respectively. Do not forget to Save Changes after configuring all the options on plugin settings page.Google Login - Google Plus Client ID